Due to the ever-changing gas prices and the EU regulations the replacement of our heating devices make the heating of our homes more and more expensive. The solid fuel furnaces made by Kolozsi József Ltd offer a good solution to this problem, and it’s also worth mentioning that the solid fuel furnace solution also allow our homes to become independent of the energy suppliers...>>>


The buffer tank is such a device for holding hot water which stores the hot water made by the heating system of the house for later use, thus compensating the time difference between the heating the water and the when it is used. This is one of the main products of A Kolozsi József Kft. This tank can be used with every system that generates hot water... >>>


The indirect heated hot water tanks are solutions for generating hot water for general use. The water is heated by the room heating water of a furnace, or by the fluid form a solar collector true the heat exchanger of the hot water tank. There are two variants of the hot water tank: stainless steel and insulated steel sheet metal with potable water compliant surface treatment... >>>


Coming | 2016... >>>


Our wood burning boiler is an upright standing device for supplying the hot water necessary for a home, which heats the water by burning solid wood. The fumes are extracted from the tank system through a built in pipe while heating the water inside the boiler. It’s easy and comfortable to use, it needs a small space and it’s easy to connect to the hot water... >>>


The stiff flue fittings manufactured by Kolozsi József Kft. conform to the related chapters of the MSZ EN 1856-1:2009, MSZ EN 1856-2:2009 and MS ZEN 1859:2009 standards. The raw material quality of the still fitting is DC 01Am according to the EN 10130 standard, the minimum wall thickness is 1.5 mm cold formed and welded... >>>


KOLO Tech's heating related products. >>>